Aleksandr Lukashenko institutes medal to mark 110th anniversary of Belarus’ trade unions

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has approved the anniversary medal “The 110th anniversary of the Belarusian trade union movement”, a provision concerning the medal, its description and a sample of the certificate which is presented together with the medal.

    The anniversary medal will be bestowed upon members of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus for their big contribution to Belarus’ trade union movement, social and economic development of the country; veterans of Belarusian trade unions, Belarusian and foreign civil servants, members of public associations who do their best to protect social and economic rights and legal interests of the members of trade unions. The medal will be also conferred on activists of the international trade union movement, other foreign figures for a big personal contribution to enhancing the image of Belarus’ trade union initiative on the international arena.