Aleksandr Lukashenko holds session on export of potash fertilizers

    Belarus ’ capacity to make and export mineral fertilizers should be utilized as much as possible. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement at the government session held on 7 December to discuss the export of potash fertilizers.

    “I am told that markets allegedly overflow, prices are plummeting, and manufacturers are reducing their output. I don’t know about other manufacturers but ours is definitely reducing the output despite the sizeable reserves of the manufacturing capacity,” he said.

    The head of state remarked he wanted the government session to discuss the fundamental matter of the extraction of potash fertilizers in Belarus as well as the production of phosphorous and nitrogen fertilizers. “We have talked a lot about the production of compound fertilizers. Tell me about the progress. Selling fertilizers is good but it is even better to sell mixed fertilizers or compound ones, totally different prices and a different kind of business,” the President said. “We have been talking about it for a long time and the government once again has these plans on some dusty shelf,” the head of state said. Aleksandr Lukashenko said he wanted reports regarding the state of affairs in the construction of the enterprises to mix potash, nitrogen, and phosphorous fertilizers. The head of state was also interested in how Belarusian Potash Company was doing, in how well the production and sales of fertilizers were going.

    “I would like to learn about the state of affairs on the potash market, relations with our key Russian partners. I’d like to know whether an agreement has been reached and if it has, what you are going to do in the future,” the President said. Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed: “I would like to warn you against stereotyped statements that I‘ve heard a lot. I don’t need crystal-ball gazing with too much caution. I need concrete proposals.”

    At the session the head of state gave several instructions. He once again pointed out that the facilities to make mixed fertilizers (NPK) should be built as fast as possible and this highly sought merchandise should be pushed onto the global market.