Aleksandr Lukashenko extends Mother’s Day greetings

    Dear women,

    I wish you Happy Mother’s Day.

    Mother is the first and the most beautiful word pronounced by a child. It sounds virtually the same in all languages of the world. This is a reverent and gentle word which makes us feel deep admiration for the woman who gives birth to a child. Parental care is a prerequisite of children’s happiness. For adults a faithful mother’s heart and a strong father’s shoulder will be reliable friends in any situation.

    We are doing out best to provide all children in the country with hearth and home. Therefore, today we bow before every Belarusian mother and especially thank those who take care of young orphans, who have become true family for them.

    Persistent support of mothers and children, promotion of traditional matrimonial values in the society, vindication of the authority of mother and father, cultivation of respect for a woman who bears family values and morals are the priorities of our ideology and social policy.

    Dear mothers, be your homes full of harmony, concord, welfare and comfort. I hope that children and all relatives will meet your expectations and make you happy with their love.

    I wish you health, success, happiness and wellbeing.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko