Aleksandr Lukashenko extends Knowledge Day greetings

    Greetings to pupils, university and postgraduate students and their parents, pedagogues of the Republic of Belarus

    Dear friends,

    I wish you Happy Knowledge Day.

    In our country this holiday is celebrated virtually in every home and everyone is involved. Young people feel excitement before the beginning of the new academic year, looking forward to meeting fellow students and favorite pedagogues. And we, adults, thankfully recall the time when we for the first time came to school – a temple of knowledge where we were taught to love the Homeland, respect our fathers and mothers, value friends, strive to know the world and ourselves better.

    The Belarusian people have always cherished wisdom and education and thus have managed to create one of the richest European cultures. Among the country’s natives are many outstanding scientists, thinkers and masters of art. Today conducting radical modernization of the economy, using cutting-edge achievements of science the country prioritizes knowledge, talent and professional excellence of citizens. Therefore, education of the younger generation is an important vector of our social policy.

    We have preserved the best practices of the Soviet Union, namely affordable and free secondary education, the state system of personnel training and renowned traditions of the domestic system of higher learning. The country does its best to enrich this potential, creates the most favorable conditions for the development of the national education system taking into consideration the requirements of the time.

    The country has successfully prepared all institutions for the new academic year. A difficult but interesting time full of discoveries and joy of labor is ahead of you.

    I extend my best wishes to those who will embark on education. To all first graders I wish a successful school start, to future graduates I wish to make the right choice of their vocation, to the thousands-strong family of school, university and post-graduate students I wish to be inquisitive, purposeful, honest and kind, daring and creative for the benefit of the Motherland.

    I want to thank dear teachers and lecturers for their work and commitment. Let the flame of pedagogical talent and carving for new knowledge stay in your souls. Let the gratitude of students be the best award for you.

    To parents I wish that their children become good people, patriots of our Belarus. Be proud of the achievements of your suns and daughters, be always loved by them.

    I wish health, high academic performance and professional excellence, happiness and good mood to you, dear friends.

    Happy Knowledge Day!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko