Aleksandr Lukashenko extends Healthcare Workers’ Day greetings

    Greetings to healthcare workers of the Republic of Belarus

    Dear friends,

    I congratulate you on your professional holiday – Healthcare Workers’ Day.

    Medicine has always been a difficult, necessary, responsible and noble job. People in modern Belarus respect those who chose this profession very much.

    Support and development of the healthcare system have been among the priorities of the national social policy for many years. These efforts are productive.

    At present Belarus provides reliable, affordable and qualified medical services. Medical science is vigorously developing, the most difficult and unique surgeries are conducted, diagnostics and treatment methods improve. Professional achievements of Belarusian specialists enjoy international recognition.

    I am convinced that the potential of doctors is not depleted. New achievements are ahead of you.

    Thank you for the selfless labor, mercy and humanism which you demonstrate every day by protecting the main values – people’s lives and health.

    I sincerely wish strong health, wellbeing, peace and prosperity to all healthcare workers, their families and friends.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko