Aleksandr Lukashenko extends greetings to Belarusian healthcare workers

    Greetings to workers of the healthcare industry of the Republic of Belarus

    Dear friends,

    I send my best greetings to workers of the healthcare industry.

    Since the beginning of time healthcare workers have been an example of kind-heartedness, mercy and loyalty to their vocation. The modern healthcare system requires extensive knowledge, good command of cutting-edge technologies and professional excellence.

    Protection and strengthening of people’s health is the priority of the Belarusian state policy. The country implements programs to pave way for progressive disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment methods. Our scientific and healthcare institutions host international conferences, Belarusian specialists undergo professional training in foreign hospitals, material and technical facilities of the industry are being constantly upgraded, new medications are developed.

    The Belarusian healthcare system is based on the principles of humanity, affordability and high quality of medical aid. But your personal and professional qualities will always play a decisive role.

    Thank you for noble and selfless work. I wish kindness, happiness and wellbeing to you and your families.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko