Aleksandr Lukashenko congratulates Belarusians on 70th anniversary of the beginning of Belarus’ liberation

    Greetings to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War who liberated the country from the Nazi invaders and all the citizens of the Republic of Belarus

    Distinguished liberators,

    Dear fellow citizens,

    I cordially congratulate you on the 70th anniversary of the beginning of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders.

    It is in these September days seven decades ago that the Red Banner once again proudly waved in the wind above the district capitals of Komarin and Khotimsk, which had been liberated from the Hitler troops. The Belarusian nation had spent more than two years of toilsome labor and bloody fight against the enemy to reach that day.

    Our land was the first one to face the brunt of the Hitler armada and managed to rebuff the enemy and show that patriots live here and they will fight for their Fatherland till they are dead.

    No tortures or pains, no atrocities and abuses of the fascist butchers managed to break the will of our nation. Belarus showed to the world a yet unseen example of the nation united in fighting the enemy to the death instead of becoming slaves.

    Our fathers and forefathers swore to fight until the Belarusian land is freed from the Nazi. By paying the price of unprecedented heroism and colossal victims they fulfilled their oath and, working together with all the peoples of the Soviet Union, cleansed Belarus and entire Europe from the brown plague.

    Dear veterans, the fame of your deeds will not be erased by the passage of time. And our gratitude to all the living and fallen heroes will be eternal as well! We bow to you! I am convinced that neither we nor our children and grandchildren will ever forget the holy truth of the Great Patriotic War.

    Distinguished fellow citizens, every generation has its own historical mission. Courageous frontline soldiers, partisans and underground resistance fighters, selfless workers of the homefront brought us peace and freedom and laid down the foundation that allowed the independent Belarusian state to grow and prosper.

    Our sacred duty is to defend their achievements in the face of any threats and challenges of time, showing unity. We must not lose the independence of the Fatherland in any conditions. Only then we can preserve and pass the greatest historical legacy – the sovereign Republic of Belarus — to our descendants.

    I wish you, dear friends, strong health, prosperity and long peaceful lives under the clear skies of our favorite Fatherland.
    Aleksandr Lukashenko