Aleksandr Lukashenko approves resolution of talented youth support fund

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the executive order concerning the financing of the Council of the Belarus President’s Fund for Talented Youth in 2014 and approved the resolution of this fund.

    Br5,431.23 million will be allocated to finance the talented youth fund from the national budget in 2014.

    The executive order also approved the resolution of the fund to award 95 people and four creative and scientific companies.

    Monetary prizes in the amount from Br5.2 million to Br5.85 million and lapel badges will be conferred on 11 winners of international academic excellence competitions and conferences.

    The Br520,000 prize and a lapel badge were bestowed upon the winner of the 10th International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.

    Three winners of international and nationwide contests, other events will reserve Br3.25 million prizes.

    Monetary prizes will be given to 34 winners of the 15thNationwide Contest of Young Mathematicians and 46 winners of other scientific competitions.

    The fund decided to provide financing to the association of teachers and students Avgustovo: Past and Present of Grodno gymnasium No. 4 in the amount of Br70.2 million, to the youth ecological organization Ekasvet of Grodno gymnasium No. 1 in the amount of Br52 million, to the scientific student association of Minsk gymnasium No. 29 in the amount of Br89.7 million, to the creative association of students and the youth of the Vidzy State College in the amount of Br100.1 million.

    The executive order aims to provide targeted state support to the talented students, create favorable conditions for the talented youth.