Aleksandr Lukashenko signs decree to grant Belarusian citizenship to 471 people

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed a decree to grant citizenship of the Republic of Belarus to 471 people, including 114 minors.

    The Belarusian citizenship was granted to 463 citizens of Ukraine, including 33 families with children; seven families raise three children or more. One of these families raises six minor children, two of whom were born in Belarus.

    Two scientists will also receive Belarusian passports. One of them holds the Ph.D title in economics and the other one in biology. One of them was awarded the title in Belarus.

    All in all, 4,228 Ukrainians have received Belarusian passports after Aleksandr Lukashenko gave a corresponding instruction in August 2021. Of these, 2,247 Ukrainians were granted the Belarusian citizenship by decision of the head of state.