Aleksandr Lukashenko signs amendments to law on state awards

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed amendments to the law on state awards.

    The document vests the Belarusian People's Congress with powers to award state awards to the president of Belarus, and initiate the awarding of other persons.

    Additional conditions for awarding the Order of Mother have been established to enhance the significance of the award. Thus, the Order of Mother will be conferred on women who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus, who have given birth to and (or) properly brought up five or more children - the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, who possess high moral qualities and responsibility in bringing up and maintaining children, caring for their health, development, education, preparing them for socially useful work, instilling in them culture and respect for the laws, historical and national traditions of Belarus.

    The law establishes a new state award – the Honored Worker of the Mass Media of the Republic of Belarus title - to enhance the prestige of journalism.