Aleksandr Lukashenko approves amendments to Culture Code

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed a law to amend and supplement the Culture Code of Belarus.

    The law redistributes powers between the Culture Ministry and local authorities on the use of tangible historical and cultural assets of regional significance. The document also simplifies the procedure for repairing such properties.

    In line with the law, in order to hold cultural and entertainment events, organizers will need to obtain a special certificate. This does not extend to individuals holding an event for their own needs and without making a profit (anniversaries, weddings, and so on).

    The Culture Ministry will need to include the organizers of cultural and entertainment events in the relevant register. People who are not included in the register will not be allowed to hold cultural events.

    In accordance with the amendments to the code, museum excursions can be run only by museum employees.

    State-run cultural organizations will get a priority right to buy cultural property if an owner of such property decides to alienate it.

    The law also provides for the clarification of certain aspects in the work of libraries, museums, craft activities, cinematography, and traditional arts and crafts.