Address to the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States

    On 1 January 2013 the Republic of Belarus took over presidency in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    Belarus views the CIS as an important integration association in the post-Soviet space which contributes to ensuring economic and social stability in the region.

    Viability of and demand for multilateral cooperation in the CIS are stipulated by the possibility of every state to choose a suitable form of participation in the organization.

    The Republic of Belarus has always supported centripetal tendencies in the post-Soviet space, responsibly performed its role in consolidation processes within the framework of the commonwealth. Belarus intends to use its presidency to foster mutually beneficial cooperation of the CIS member states, improve living standards and wellbeing of people, preserve and broaden positive experience of integration cooperation accumulated in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    The motto of Belarus’ presidency will be “Integration for the benefit of people: strengthening of good neighborly relations, promotion of ecological cooperation, raising accessibility of environmentally-friendly “green” technologies, development of the cultural dialogue”.

    The Republic of Belarus will follow the concept of presidency in the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2013 and the relevant action plan.
    I hope that the CIS member states will help implement Belarus’ initiatives. I am convinced that close cooperation of all the CIS countries will be a guarantee of the most effective realization of our plans in the best interests of the peoples and the improvement of the image of the Commonwealth of Independent States.