Address of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko at wreath-laying ceremony on Victory Day

  • 24

Dear compatriots, guests of Belarus,

Dear veterans,

I wish you a Happy Victory Day! The Victory in the Great Patriotic War returned people the right for a free and peaceful life.

We salute the selflessness of all those who bore the brunt of the war and showed no mercy to the enemy from the very first days of the war, those who fought sacrificing their lives, those who worked hard to help front-line solders and demonstrated their fearless resistance to the invaders on the occupied lands.

The Belarusian land was bathed in the tears of children, women and old people and burnt in fire.

We, living here today, must remember the heroic feat of our people. The war did not only destroy lives and stole dreams, but also left a deep scar in the hearts of Belarusians.

Let’s observe a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of those killed in the Great Patriotic War.

Dear friends,

The time is moving ahead inexorably, calming down the pain. Unfortunately, the human life is undervalued once again. The world is divided into parts. Centuries-old traditions are destroyed, spiritual guidelines are wiped off.

The Belarusian people, having come through many wars, cherish such universal values as the happiness to see a peaceful sunrise, feel the aroma of freshly-baked bread and the warmth of the hands of your loved ones, listen to a ringing laughter of children and dream about their future.

We know the cost of freedom and independence. That is why we honor the history and defend the principles of justice, honesty and equality.

Dear friends,

The Belarusians have always fought to prevent the history and especially the events of the Great Patriotic War from distortion. We fought against such charlatans and did not think that we would have to face another challenge: the privatization of our Victory. I cannot but agree with our friend, Russia’s Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov’s words, who said that “we won in that horrible war together. If not for the unity, we would still be on our knees.” He is right. The Soviet people made an outstanding contribution to the Great Victory and this victory should not be divided today. This is similar to forgetting about it.

Pursuing a peaceful policy, respecting the interests of other nations, we will stay committed to our beliefs. We will not impose them on others and will always be ready to extend a helping hand to those who need it. This is our solid and consistent position.

Dear friends,

Marking Victory Day every year, our country remembers not only the horrible time of the war but also the huge efforts that were needed to restore Minsk and Belarus after destruction. Today we can see how strong and independent it has become. We understand what a blessing it is to live and bring up children under the peaceful sky.

We know for sure that every day we live through is an invaluable gift from those who made the Great Victory possible.

Cherish the memory of the fallen heroes, take care of people around you.

I wish you long and happy lives full of kind and peaceful deeds.

Happy Victory Day!