Address from Belarus President on occasion of Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia

    Dear Belarusians and Russians,

    The Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia is a remarkable holiday which embodies our unity and longstanding friendship, good-neighborly relations, mutual understanding and all-round cooperation.

    Every day we are doing our best together to achieve the main goal, which is to improve the living standards of people through the successful social and economic development of Belarus and Russia.

    The allied relations of our states help expand mutually beneficial economic and humanitarian ties, ensure equal rights and social guarantees for people.

    We also consolidate efforts on the international arena and make a big contribution to ensuring peace and security. We consistently and productively enhance the defense capacity of our countries by joining efforts in the face of modern challenges and threats.

    The cooperation of Belarus and Russia has a huge potential. In order to develop it across the board we must strictly fulfill agreements, preserve and promote our achievements and common legacy.

    The long-term Union State construction project prioritizes innovative and science-intensive projects which should be implemented in all spheres of life. With the help of them we can succeed in building the hi-tech economy and information society.

    The authority and positions of Belarus and Russia in the global community, the competitiveness of our countries and, especially, the wellbeing of people largely depend on the efficiency of joint efforts.

    Dear friends,

    The Union State is our legacy. Thanks to it we can live as a close-knit family in peace and accord. I am convinced that the commitment of Belarusians and Russians to unity will remain a solid foundation for integration, further development of comprehensive cooperation and formation of new common history.

    Happy Unity Day, dear Belarusians and Russians!

    I wish you strong health, happiness, wellbeing and kindness.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko