Additional measures to provide housing to large families in Minsk

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Decree No.465 on measures to provide housing to large families in Minsk.

    The document aims to reduce the waiting list for housing among large families in Minsk within the next two years and to fulfill the requirement of the head of state to build housing for such families within one year from the date of their registration on the housing waiting list.

    The Decree provides for the construction of single-family, terraced houses for large families on the waiting list in the neighborhoods of Sokol, Chizhovka, and a residential area near the village of Zatsen in 2020-2021. The document also provides for the sale of residential premises in the apartment buildings commissioned by the state production association Minskstroy, the sale of 300 apartments from among the properties transferred by developers into Minsk’s municipal ownership in lieu of the average demolition rate, or built by the Minsk city authorities to resettle citizens from dilapidated houses.

    The document allows for state support for the construction of residential premises in apartment buildings built to individual projects (improved consumer qualities).

    Currently, 5,847 large families are on the housing waiting list in Minsk. Of them 1,811 families have been on the list for more than three years.

    From 2022, the one-year waiting period instruction for Minsk will be fulfilled within the framework of the current legislation envisaging the uniform order for all regions of the country.