Concerning the bestowal of the Order of Mother upon women with many children

Decree No. 72 of 20 February 2014 

For giving birth to and bringing up five and more children 89 women from various regions of Belarus were awarded the Order of Mother.

Among the awardees are worker of the Pruzhany State Agrarian and Technical College Irina Zaremba and teacher of Brest gymnasium No. 2 Valentina Lukyanchuk.

The Order of Mother was also bestowed upon nurse of the Dokshitsy central district hospital Tatyana Dailidyonok, worker of the Petrikov forestry company Yelena Shchuko, worker of the Slavgorod central district hospital Zhanna Savchenko and social worker of the Nesvizh district social protection center Svetlana Demidova.

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