On Declaring 2013 the Year of Frugality in Belarus

Decree No. 537 of 29 November 2012
The year 2013 has been declared the Year of Frugality in Belarus.

The Year of Frugality will be the logical continuation of the efforts to implement Belarus President Directive No. 3 of 14 June 2007 ‘Economy and frugality as the main factors of the national economic security’ in modern conditions.

The government will have to adopt a nationwide action plan to carry out the Year of Frugality in 2013 while central state administration agencies, oblast administrations, and the Minsk City Executive Committee will have to come up with relevant industry-wide plans and regional ones.

The Year of Frugality will help handle tasks pertaining to the improvement of manufacturing organization, raising the labor productivity, the quality of products and services by optimizing spending, by the rational use of resources, exclusion of all kinds of unnecessary loses primarily through upgrading the production facilities, assimilating new technologies, machines and business routines. The measures outlined by the Year of Frugality will be aimed at raising the frugality awareness of every person, encouraging frugal attitudes in and out of their workstations.