On the conferment of the special prize to Belarusian art luminaries in 2016

Decree No. 517 of 31 December 2016

Ten special prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus were awarded to figures of culture and art, men of science, educators, teams of authors, cultural institutions in recognition of their great achievements in visual and performing arts, amateur art, museology, education of young people in 2016.

The special award of the President was conferred on the team of authors of the Golas Radzimy Newspaper editorial staff, including head of the department Ivan Zhdanovich and special correspondent Yekaterina Medvedskaya for the productive cooperation with Belarusians abroad and the professional coverage of the intercultural dialogue issues in Belarus.

The award was bestowed upon the group of authors of BelTA News Agency, including photo editor of the Visual Information Department Irina Bufetova, BelTA Director General Dmitry Zhuk, Head of the Department for the Support and Development of Internet Resources Ivan Sinichkin for the creation and implementation of the information and journalistic project Sovereign Belarus: Era of Achievements featuring archive and modern BelTA photos to illustrate the changes happening in Belarus in the past 20 years and create a comprehensive view of the changes in the country.

The award was conferred on the team of authors of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company, including Deputy Chief Director of the Main Directorate of Belarus 24 TV Channel Yevgeny Baranov, Chief Director of the Main Directorate of Belarus 1 TV Channel Yelena Ladutko, Deputy Chief Director of the Main Directorate of Belarus 1 TV Channel Olga Salamakha for the production of a series of videos We Did This Together featuring the achievements of Belarus in various fields, demonstrating the successes of modern Belarus and the positive dynamics of its development in the period of independence.

One more special prize was presented to artist, member of the Belarusian Union of Artists Konstantin Vashchenko. He received the special prize for the artistic finish of the multi-volume facsimile edition The Book Legacy of Francysk Skaryna, high professionalism, presentation of the era of Francysk Skaryna and his historical role of the printing pioneer.

The special prize was bestowed upon the personnel of the Michal Kleofas Oginski Museum Estate for the development and implementation of the project Return of Northern Athens aimed at the popularization of the composer’s legacy, including through the organization of balls to celebrate Christmas and Michal Kleofas Oginski’s birthday.

The personnel of Yevgeny Glebov children’s music school No. 10 in Minsk received the prize in recognition of a big contribution to the development and preservation of the national culture and music art by holding concerts and meeting with Belarusian composers, a series concerts Music of Belarusian Composers in the Hearts of Our Children, the International Children’s Contest named after Yevgeny Glebov.

The award was presented to the personnel of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater in recognition of a big contribution to the development of the Belarusian theater art, theater productions based on the works of Belarusian playwrights, preservation and promotion of the works of Belarusian classical and modern authors.

The personnel of the MolodechnoCulturePalace received the special prize in recognition of a big contribution to the development of amateur art, including for the sponsorship of 35 amateur art groups, including 12 honored amateur art groups of Belarus, organization of more than 100 events as part of the nationwide campaign Cultural Capital of the Year.

The special prize was conferred on the workers of the Gomel State Circus in recognition of a big contributing to the development and promotion of the circus art, enhancement of international cooperation, organization of highly professional programs and charity events for children from Chernobyl-affected regions.

The special prize was also bestowed upon Raisa Ramanenya, the head of the decorative art studio Belarusian Souvenir of the Soligorsk Art Center for Children and Youth, in recognition of a big contribution to the restoration and preservation of the traditions of making straw souvenirs, promotion of the national culture among young people, active participation in the decorative art exhibitions in Belarus and abroad.

Such decrees on presenting awards attest to the ongoing attention of the state to the creation of a healthy spiritual atmosphere in Belarus and the promotion of the Belarusian culture and art.

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