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Decree No. 107 of 23 March 2016

Concerning utility rates for the population

On 23 March Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed Decree No. 107 “Concerning utility rates for the population”.

The document specifies maximum prices (rates) for 14 utility services in 2016.

In accordance with the decree, six utility tariffs are changed.

To decrease the financial burden on the population, the decree reduced water supply rates 1.7 times (from Br4,765.9 to Br2,790 per 1 cubic meter), water disposal rates 2.2 times (from Br4,148.8 to Br1,863 per 1 cubic meter).

Besides, the maximum price for the maintenance of locking and intercom equipment will make up Br9,100.

The provisions of the document amend approaches to the calculation of prices for the technical maintenance of elevators, cleaning of auxiliary rooms of a residential house, electrification of common facilities, etc. depending on the number of people living in an apartment.

The decree enters in to force on the day of its signing and applies to the relations established since 1 January 2016.

Please see the Russian version of this site for the full text of the Decree.
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