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Working trip to Narovlya District, Gomel Oblast

26 April 2020

Regions and local enterprises should look for sales markets, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during a working trip to Narovlya District, Gomel Oblast, as he visited the agricultural enterprise Zarya on 26 April.

The head of state inspected the region and spring fieldwork from a helicopter. When he arrived in Narovlya District, he asked about the progress in the sowing campaign in Gomel Oblast. Governor Gennady Solovei informed him about intermediate results. In his words, all works proceed on schedule, the sowing campaign must be completed by 9 May.

The president also asked about the social and economic development of Gomel Oblast. “When will you at least break even? Don’t even think that we should reduce production because of any psychoses, pandemics or epidemics. No way. That’s not an option,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “If you start asking for money because of the pandemic… No one will give it to you because this is a way to bury the money. All enterprises should look for markets in all fields, from a porcelain factory to Gomselmash.”

The governor explained that virtually all problems are connected with export deliveries which were stopped after the outbreak of the disease because of the closure of borders in other countries. Enterprises are now working for the domestic market. “Come to agreements to resume work when the logistics is restored and neighbors start working. If you have export contracts after the pandemic, we will think how to help you,” the head of state added.

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