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Visit to National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

11 September 2020
 Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB).

The head of state attended an exhibition of scientific achievements. At the virtual exposition, the head of state got familiar with both successfully used technologies developed by Belarusian scientists and also novelties that will soon enter production. The exhibition included seven sections: agrarian sector, sections of biological sciences, humanities and arts, medical sciences, physics, mathematics and informatics, physical and technical sciences, chemistry and earth sciences.

In total, the exhibition provided information about more than 600 exhibits of NASB organizations in the Russian and English languages. The exhibition was equipped with an online translation module to more than 100 languages.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was interested in the work of Belarusian scientists in all areas. For example, representatives of the National Academy of Sciences spoke about the practical use of space technologies, peaceful nuclear power engineering, as well as laser and LED technologies (including for the agro-industrial complex, and greenhouses in particular). It is possible that in the coming years, the national utilities services will use electric vehicles, for example snow cleaners.

Scientists pay close attention to environmental issues. It is quite possible that very soon biodegradable paper for food storage will be made available in stores. Belarusian scientists are also working on the smart city concept.

The President was also interested in the work of the Cell Technology Center at the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences. Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed interest in learning more about its activities. The head of state was informed that 15 stem cell-based products have been developed to treat various diseases. In addition, a system of genetic testing has been developed  to carry out sports profiling, to identify adverse variants of genes to correct their effects.

The research of Belarusian scientists to combat the COVID-19 is also of interest, including both scientific approach and the development of promising medical products. Representatives of the Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences told the President about a cardiotrack, which transmits the movement of the person.

Joint work under the Union State programs was also discussed during the President's visit to the permanent virtual exhibition of the National Academy of Sciences.
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