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October Revolution Day greetings

7 November 2020

Dear compatriots,

I wish you a happy October Revolution Day.

This historical event celebrated everlasting universal values, namely the revival of nations and social equality of people.

It was for the first time that our country emerged on the world map as a political subject; and Belarusians made a resolute step to the formation of the sovereign nation of people with rich traditions, great culture and a legal right to statehood. Our fathers and grandfathers did heroic deeds to defend this right during the Great Patriotic War. And today we continue to defend it, having overcome the geopolitical split of the 1990s, having coped with economic crises, and having repelled challenges of aggressive external pressure.

I am convinced that our strength is in the historical experience which taught Belarusians to cherish their main achievements – security, peace and accord in the society.

On this glorious day I wish Belarusian people wisdom, mutual understanding and careful attitude to our past which paved our way to the future!

Aleksandr Lukashenko

© 2020, The Press Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus