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Meeting with President and Chairman of the Board of PAO Sberbank German Gref

27 June 2018

Cooperation with Sberbank is at a good level. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement as he met with President and Chairman of the Board of PAO Sberbank German Gref on 27 June.

The head of state said: “As for our meeting, I am glad that we happen to meet regularly. You keep me up to date on all matters, not only those concerning Sberbank and your branch here but the banking industry as a whole since I have to study some materials a bit deeper. Once again I thank you for investing in Belarus, lending money to our economy - $4 billion is a respectable sum.”

Alexander Lukashenko suggested discussing all the matters concerning the future advancement of cooperation, including problems if there are any. “On the whole, considering what is going on in neighboring countries I am satisfied with our maintaining good relations with Sberbank. Problems are always bound to happen but there are no critical issues, which can make our relations complicated,” noted the Belarusian leader.

In turn, German Gref thanked Alexander Lukashenko for regular meetings. “I’ve come here today bearing proposals, not problems. There are a number of ideas concerning what we can do,” he said.

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