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Meeting to discuss epidemiological situation in Belarus

3 May 2020
The current epidemiological situation in the country were discussed at a government meeting hosted by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 3 May. 

“As we have agreed with you before, our today’s meeting will be focused on two main issues. We will discuss the events to celebrate Victory Day which have been planned before. We will discuss the issues related to this topic, and the corresponding decision will be taken then. The second item on the agenda of today’s meeting is the health of our people and the current situation in the country,” the head of state said. 

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the action plan for Victory Day celebrations was presented long ago. “We are still standing by this plan. Moreover, a closer look was given to the events in connection with the planned NATO exercises near our borders. In my opinion, we have not allowed even the slightest deviation from the plan we have outlined in response to the NATO events near our borders. We did, however, make a little adjustment after NATO canceled its large-scale events,” the President said. 

In his words, some troops are currently on the training area, continuing their exercises. “However, most of the troops have returned to the barracks, their permanent posts,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. 

“At this very stage we are succeeding in containing the overall morbidity. As for infectious diseases, we are sticking to the forecast, which was reported to me by the Healthcare Ministry and specialists in infectious diseases two months ago,” the President said. 
Aleksandr Lukashenko stated - figuratively speaking - that the army of 1941 and the army of 1945 were two different armies and stressed that the healthcare system and doctors in Belarus have already gained necessary experience in treating people with COVID-19 and learned how to act properly under the current conditions. 

The head of state said that doctors had learned to treat people outpatiently, i.e. at home and spa resorts. “A polyclinic system has been used for this purpose. In other words, both hospitals and polyclinics have been treating people with COVID-19. Everyone who has been sent for outpatient treatment is checked with the help of the Interior Affairs Ministry. A clear-cut system has been worked out. Well done,” he said. 

Aleksandr Lukashenko added that once the pandemic is over there will be a need to talk to people, taking into account the experience gained, about how to further and what conclusions to draw. “I absolutely support the opinion of specialists that we will have to live with these troubles, different viruses. There will be no less of them in the future, because we treat the environment, the nature and even each other in the wrong way. This current problem we have, and even this psychosis, which has unfolded, will partly benefit people because it will make us think about how to live further,” the head of state said. 

In general, he stressed that there is no catastrophe, but it is not time to feel relaxed yet. “We need to try hard to withstand until the beginning of summer. I believe we will cope with it with God's help. The governors are all focused on dealing with the matter. The sowing campaign has already become issue number two for them. Their priority is to help doctors, the Healthcare Ministry,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. 

The President also urged to support doctors: “The frontline doctors need support in the first place. They are tired. It is not easy. The main thing now is to support medical workers.” 
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