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Knowledge Day greetings

1 September 2020

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has extended the Knowledge Day greetings.

The head of state noted that this day brings the kindest memories and strong emotions to every person every year. “It is a nostalgic sadness for childhood and adolescence, which will never happen again. It is the excitement of first-graders who take their first steps on the road of knowledge and first-year students who have consciously chosen their professional path. It is the anxiety of parents who live the school and university years together with their children. It is the inspiration of young teachers before the first lesson or lecture in their pedagogical activity. It is the joy of a meeting of all those who missed the school days during the holidays,” the message of greetings says.

Aleksandr Lukashenko wished the new academic year to be interesting and full of good events for all students and teachers. The President wished inexhaustible energy and fruitful work to teachers, involvement in the educational process and many reasons to be proud of their children to parents, and inspiration and aspiration for knowledge, which will be the main condition for success and prosperity in their future life, to students.

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