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Greetings to President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro

5 July 2018
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has sent greetings to President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and Venezuelan people as the country celebrates Independence Day.

“As the old world order with its relative stability and mutual understanding is crumbling, the protection of a state sovereignty comes to the forefront. Amidst challenging external environment, Venezuela is defending its social and economic development model, political identity and culture under your guidance,” the message of greetings reads.

The head of state noted that the latest presidential election in Venezuela demonstrated great trust in Nicolas Maduro, commitment to the values of the Bolivarian Revolution, the unity of the Venezuelan people and their pursuit of independence, well-being and progress.
“Venezuela is a brotherly nation and a strategic partner for Belarus. We both believe in the multi-polar world, non-interference in domestic affairs and useless of sanctions. The economies of Belarus and Venezuela are complementary, while the bilateral relations have great potential,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.

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