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Belarus President harvests potatoes, watermelons from household plot

5 September 2018

After his usual work for the day was finished, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko joined in the harvesting of potatoes, melons, and gourds from his own household plot on 5 September.

Potatoes of several varieties – Uladar, Koroleva Anna, and Satina – are grown in the presidential household plot. All the three varieties were gathered in and sorted right away. Despite the rather dry summer the potato harvest was ample in the presidential field – 60 tonnes from a field of 1.5ha, with the yield at 400 centners per hectare.

It is worth noting that Uladar is a Belarusian potato variety while the other two are imports from Germany. However, since the two varieties have been grown locally for years, they have acquired some Belarusian “taste” because Belarusian scientists constantly work to improve crop varieties and adapt them to local conditions.

The harvest of watermelons was a pleasant sight to behold, too. Several weeks of atypically hot weather did them a world of good, adding taste and aroma. Alexander Lukashenko and his harvest helpers made sure of that right away by sampling the watermelons in the field.

The field of 1.6ha produced as much as 42 tonnes of melons and gourds. But it was just one field only. The harvesting campaign in the presidential household plot will continue in the next few days.

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