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Address to participants of commemorative events timed to 75th anniversary of Minsk Ghetto destruction

22 October 2018

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko sent an address to Belarusians and foreign delegations who take part in commemorative events timed to the 75thanniversary of the Minsk Ghetto destruction.

The abhorrent crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War seared into people’s memory. It was 75 years ago when the Minsk Ghetto was liquidated; however people still feel the agonizing pain inflicted by this tragedy. “This pain is for old people, children, women and men who were ruthlessly murdered just because of their ethnic background. Over 100,000 Jews went through a real hell here – starvation, cold, humiliation and tortures,” the head of state said.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that on this Day of Remembrance we remember all the ghettos, all Nazi victims, mourn the dead, share the grief of those who survived but lost loved ones. “We are grateful to the residents of Belarus who risking their lives rescued ghetto prisoners and who were later awarded the title “Righteous Among The Nations”, the message said.

The president stressed that many generations of Belarusians remember the lessons of history and cherish peace.

“Our planet is once again sinking into religious, ethnic and political conflicts. We will continue repeating to anyone who has forgotten or, fortunately, has not experienced the war that the only thing we have to fight for is human life. This is the only thing that matters on the Earth,” the Belarusian leader said.

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